GC “PROMGENERETION” is ready to offer You the following services and activities:

• realization of projects on the creation and development of energy infrastructure,
• a turnkey construction of power facilities, including: project design, supply, installation and commissioning of newly commissioned equipment with subsequent service;
• act as EPC / EPCM contractor in the implementation of major projects;
• turnkey construction of small and alternative energy objects;
• engineering services consulting.

Control of the EPCM projects

GC “PROMGENERETION” perform complex turnkey projects, starting from the design stage of the object, implementing procurement and delivery of equipment and materials, construction work, finishing with commissioning and warranty service. At the same time we, as EPC / EPCM contractor undertake the risks associated with the rising costs of the project and the shift timing of commissioning. Conclusion of EPC / EPCM contracts allow customers, while implementing investment projects do not distract own management resources on non-core business, concentrating on core activities.

Construction of industrial facilities

Construction of new facilities is a business requiring a responsible approach from anyone, even a very experienced organization. Holding takes on this responsibility.


Development of projects should be carried out by professional designers who have not only a great theoretical but also practical experience of implementation.

Installation of industrial machinery

In order to ensure an integrated approach to construction, the group is committed to the supply of materials and equipment, and in the process of installing facilities conduct their diagnostics and adjustment. The group developed widespread and reliable communication with suppliers of equipment, spare parts and materials, started producing some of them on our own territory. This allows the customer to save money on the purchase of equipment and materials, and ensure the timeliness and continuity of supply (and therefore the commissioning of the project on time).

Service of industrial facilities and equipment

Customer service is one of the most rapidly growing sectors of maintenance market. Combining the monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and procedures of administrative decision-making and risk management.

Restore security and modernization of equipment

Repair is the most traditional product offered on the market. The main purpose of repair is restoration of working capacity and technical characteristics of the object.

Monitoring, diagnostics and maintenance

A necessary condition for quality maintenance is the use of modern tools and technologies for monitoring and diagnosing the state of serviced facilities in the works.

Automation of manufacturing processes (ACS TP - automatic control system for technological process)

Automation improves the accuracy of processes, reduce energy and material consumption, reduce cost and increase output.

Supply and manufacture of industrial equipment and spare parts